Wednesday, April 30, 2008

[Teenage Political Uprise]

I digress nothing has gone according to plan. The world is surrounded with fear, and is soon to consume itself with it's own pathetic existence. The teenage political uprise has driven the streets with fear. The inevitable collapse of society will soon bring the world to a hault, only to engulf itself in anxiety.
It started with an economic warfare, a sick kind of anti-communism. One that would make the poor, poorer. The rich would become richer, watching the weak wilt away beneath them. Populous stricken with a disease hungering for power and wealth; fame, fortune, and self loathing.
The degenerate revolution of things commenced eighteen year, twelve days, and four and a half hours ago. When the wealth of more then half the world was splurged into the pockets of unguided strong willed power hungry teenagers. Most of whom could have become great leaders but have been bought out young with one billion dollar dime a dozen ideas. In the first year thirty-two teens broke net worth of over 260 billion. For media excellence, or consumer explosive web colonies. Working was no longer a responsibility but way of life that was now obsolete. No longer leaving society to teach the young to take responsibility and put fourth hard work, yet focus all their time in money into becoming the NEXT big thing. In media, music, or world wide colonization.
Hollywood is now grossing more money then the entire country, bought itself out of unity only to keep the states for going into economic melt down. The United Sell Outs Of America, slowly becoming the divided nation of political, and economic terrorism, sadly one that people saw coming miles away. Years before the giant uprise. The government, swallows itself in guilt of its collapse, and breathes only to keep on living. Yet they still watch the movies, still drink the consumers invulnerable way of living.
Every last citizen that has not been swept into this god damning lie of deranged living, is solely surviving on hopes of an apocalypse or a painless death.

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